U-PICK Stand for the 2016 Season is now closed forever!

In 1984 a friend encouraged us to farm raspberries. He said it would be a lot of fun so we entered into raspberry farming with 2 acres of hand-picked fruit.  We soon increased our raspberry field to 25 acres.  A mechanical harvester was soon welcomed by all the kids (Thank Goodness!)  By 1987 we were having so much fun that we planted 2 1/2 acres of blueberries and now we enjoy a total of 20 acres of blueberries.  The fun never stops, so we expanded with U-pick farming of Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries. You can also purchase our fresh picked Corn. Yes, things have changed around the farm over the years, the kids have grown up and the farm has expanded, but one thing will never change...We loved sharing fresh healthy fruits and vegetables with our community over the past years!

It was a bittersweet day at the farm, on our last day of u-pick at the farm on July 31, 2016, before we closed our doors forever. As many of you know, we have sold the farm to a local family and are set out to retire. The new owners will be commercial sales only and will be taking the berries to the cannery in 2017. There will no longer be any u- pick farm out here at Bjornstad Farms ever. 😞 We have greatly enjoyed the 33 years we've spent growing berries, and we will miss seeing your smiling faces every summer. We thank you soo much for choosing us to hang out with while enjoying your picking. You all will be missed!

Best wishes to all,


Jim and Windy and our wonderful employees: Marcelina, Lois, Deny, Erica, Ann, Mary, Darrick and Dustin.

6799 Old Guide Rd in Lynden WA 98264.

U-Pick Fruit Stand Phone Number:  360-961-4702

Shell Gas Station corner of Guide Meridian and Pole Road (Open)
Cheveron Gas Station corner of Guide Meridian and Smith Rd (Open)
Bakerview Rd/Hannegan Corner by McDonalds-(Now closed for the               2016 Season.)
Jim & Windy Bjornstad: [email protected]